Today’s India is essentially two nations within one. On one hand, we are one of the fastest growing economies around the world and on the other hand, we are a country where ten richest individuals own almost 50 per cent of nation’s wealth. While we are celebrating commercial satellite launches, and making history with Mangaalyaan, there is a rampant reduction in the average weight of child at the time of birth. A single statistical data that overpowers the growth story of today’s India. What it indicates is growing malnutrition among women, insufficient household income and lack of access to healthcare services. It raises serious concerns about the direction of development of our country.

The right to equality is one of the founding principles of our constitution but when we notice that fruits of development are inaccessible to the last man standing in the queue, it raises serious concerns about the direction of development of our country. The facilities that utilize latest scientific and technological development are concentrated in few isolated urban hubs of progress only.

It is time to move beyond arm chair activism and actively participate in mainstream politics because raising concerns is just not enough. Today’s India needs political aspirants who do not believe in the philosophy of ‘End Justifies Means’. New India needs political parties that are driven by ideology rather than quest for power.

My India Party is the latest entrant in the Indian Political Arena. The purpose of My India Party is to become a platform for people who believe in positive politics. It is the voice of reason to advocate policy framework for inclusive development of India as one nation and work towards improving the quality of life of every Indian. We intend to be a party that goes beyond talks about the change. If you think that you have the potential to stand up and raise a voice against the wrong, it is definitely you, who should join My India Party. Your socio-economic awareness and thought process to amend it, is one of the greatest qualities that is needed to bring a subsequent transformation in the country