Shri. Anill Kumar Ojha Founder & Preside
Our Journey

My India Party was founded by Shri. Anill Kumar Ojha an ordinary citizen of India who has witnessed several excesses of the government - from raising taxes, uncontrolled crimes, destroyed livelihoods and being blind-eyed to the endless conflicts due to the lack of basic amenities.

The constant strife of the nation encouraged Shri. Anill Kumar Ojha to reach out to the government and seek their intervention. When the Government failed to provide remedies even after several attempts during the past five years, it led Shri. Ojha to launch his own political party.


Shri. Ojha's aim is to address all the burning issues from their roots and taking responsibility for his country.


For the betterment of Tamil Nadu, My India party seeks to provide initiatives beginning from home.


My India party seeks to improve the condition of Tamil Nadu, with a focus on


  • Providing better employment opportunities to the youth

  • Increasing the earning potential of the working population

  • Improving the state of the business community with better policies for sustained growth

  • Overall uplift the quality of life for the common man

My India party will additionally focus on an infrastructure that combats pollution, depleting resources, and poor quality of the education system.


It will be My India Party's responsibility to ensure that every citizen from Tamil Nadu realizes their constitutional birthright and have access to all basic amenities including food, clean water, employment, electricity and a healthy life without pollution.

Core Issues

Our Agenda 

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