My India Party will work towards ensuring ‘Happiness’ for all Indian citizens, a happy country on the whole. Considering ‘Happiness’ as the ultimate goal of life, My India party will conceptualize and formulate ways to bring happiness in the country and in the lives of people.

Image by Mitul Grover


We believe that Happiness is the ultimate objective of all human endeavours. We are committed to work towards improving Social, Economic and Psychological happiness of our countrymen. As a political party, we believe that it is our duty and responsibility to act towards ensuring happiness for every Indian in every sphere.

Image by Mitul Grover

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Party Overview

It is time to move beyond arm chair activism and actively participate in mainstream politics because raising concerns is just not enough. Today’s India needs political aspirants who do not believe in the philosophy of ‘End Justifies Means’. New India needs political parties that are driven by ideology rather than quest for power.



We will work towards: Prosperous, Safe, Healthy, Empowered, Greener and Corruption free Tamil Nadu State