We have been hearing about the water problem for ages and politicians' fake promises to solve them. If we don't take action now, even the next generation will see the same plight.

In Tamil Nadu, it's part of everyone's life. The underground water level has gone low and contaminated due to pollution. We have a big problem in front of us as we encounter new diseases due to such inaction.

Despite paying for water tax and other related taxes, on average, a family spends Rs. 1000 a month for good drinking water. Nature has been very kind to us and provided India with excellent Natural resources, but we have misused them all.


The concept of integration of the river is still on paper while the Govt. spends heavily on materialistic benefits and doesn't address the core issue - which is water. Similarly, the desalination plant to convert seawater to drinking could have been implemented, creating jobs and solved problems both for the common man and industries. 

All this could have happened at a fifty thousand crores budget, and the demand could have been met. With taxpayers' money going towards activities relevant only for a short period and used to swindle money through corrupt practices, it's time to wake up and fight for the change.

"My India Party" promises water to every household round the clock without any tax being paid. This is not a dream! Have faith in "My India Party."