The crime rate has risen majorly in TN and the state is increasingly experiencing deterioration of the law & order conditions. Today the security of our citizens is at stake.

 As per the central govt report, ISIS and other terrorist groups are highly active in TN.

 NCRB, Central government agencies, and even the Madras High court have warned the TN state government that they have totally failed to maintain the law and order situation. Madras High court has categorically stated that "the Holy land of India has become a land of rapists."

Also, due to the nexus between criminals & politicians’, the police become helpless and is unable to take proper action. Therefore the crime graph is increasing every second.


Crimes such as rape, murder, human trafficking, child trafficking, land grabbing, drugs, and illegal activities are a negative blot on the state of Tamil Nadu, which will be dealt with severely, to make Tamil Nadu a crime-free state.

Taking a cue from the Philippines, where the country’s crime rate was worst than Tamil Nadu. When a political leader decided that he will eradicate crime completely; he did it within eleven months. So why cannot we? We will also implement a similar model and set an example.

My India Party will ensure a crime-free state within the span of 6 months when it comes into power.
It will ensure that people can move freely without any fear, regardless of age group or gender.

CCTV cameras will be installed at every nook and corner across Tamil Nadu, within a year.

We will focus on transparency in police actions. We will combat injustice so that no innocent person is punished. We will ensure a fast judgment.

The law and order will be extremely strict, so much so that anyone will be forced to think a hundred times before even dreaming of committing a crime.