Corruption has reached its extreme limits in Tamil Nadu. It is the second most corrupt state of India. There is no government department left that is not corrupted.

Union government schemes for the welfare of the citizens like housing for poor people or grants for farmers and the like, never reach the deserving people. The houses exist only in government files. The money is lost in the nexus between the contractors and government officials.

Funds for the welfare of Tamil Nadu’s citizens is rightfully given by the central government. Unfortunately that money totally goes into the pockets of the politicians or remains in the files. Corruption has also made every item three times more expensive for the citizens. No government process can be completed without greasing the palms of the officials.


All government tenders are tailor-made only for the benefit of the politicians. Corruption has reached such a state in Tamil Nadu that the Madras High court says that, "only death penalty can end corruption ."
When My India Party comes into power, we will make such a law system that corruption will be removed from the very root itself. We will enforce laws in such a way that nobody will dare to break them.

Every citizen will be made aware of all the schemes; and the benefits will definitely. reach the deserving recipients.