My India Party promises to provide free organic fertilizer to all our farmers. The fertilizer which the government is importing now is full of pesticides and creates health issues.

All over India, there are more than 11 crore stray cows and more than 50 lakh stray cows in Tamil Nadu itself.

Therefore we plan to set up at least 2 Cow Sanctuaries per District all over Tamil Nadu, each of them housing about one lakh cattle.


The first benefit we will get is cheap and pollution-free green electricity at below Rs.1 a unit from cow dung. This will enable us to give free electricity to all the farmers, as against the new law which says that all the farmers also will be charged electricity at commercial rates.


After producing electricity, the waste we get from this cow dung will be thousands of tonnes per day and this so-called waste is scientifically proven as the best organic fertilizer.

Even after providing enough for Tamil Nadu, lakhs of tons will be saved which, if we sell to other states and to the world we can get additional revenue of crores of rupees which we can use to maintain the cow sanctuaries.

If we have even 10% milk-producing cows in the sanctuaries, we can bring down the milk prices by 25% at least.


As the sanctuaries will be based in most districts we will be providing at least 50,000 direct jobs and more than a lakh of indirect jobs to rural people.

We will also set up units for the production of biogas which will be a cheaper option to LPG. The prices of LPG which are going sky high will also be reduced by 50%.

The urine of cows also has medicinal properties which too will generate revenue.

Organic fertilizer is extremely expensive which makes all organic products very expensive. When our party will provide organic fertilizer free of cost to all our farmers they will come out from their distressful situation and the cost of organic products will also come down drastically Tamil Nadu will become No. 1 in organic farming and organic products.

Today Tamil Nadu cultivates only 40% of its fertile farming land. Balance 60% is not cultivated because of the shortage of fertilizer, water, power connection, and lack of infrastructure.

My India Party will cultivate all the 100% of fertile land, this itself will again create more than 50 lakh jobs for rural people.

My India Party will waive off all farm loans.

My India Party will give RS 4000 to all farmers who are sixty-five years old.

My India Party will provide free water to all farmers for farming so they don’t have to depend on groundwater. We will connect all the rivers and revive the ponds.

We will provide the world’s best infrastructure for our farmers.

Tamil Nadu will be the farming hub for all food items which we can export all over the world.